“The planetoid we call our moon affects many things in our world and on our planet earth, including us!”

Known and accepted has natural satellite! A moon, circle a planet and affects the tide and the motion and the orbital of earth. But how does it affect the human behaviour and psychological and spiritual health?

The various moon phases which we see in one month are now being scientifically proven to affect us in different way.
The time of both full moon and new moon appear to influence us most. Various psychological behaviours / trends being recorded indicate the influence of moon causing recognising affecting on humans. Many have long known this! For example, rising crime and deterioration in physical health is seen at full moon periods. More accidents, violent behaviours and physical illness is also seen. The moon as with many aspects of our world has a great ability to affect our moods and influence our behaviours and decisions. In astrology moon is significator of emotions. Liquids, mother, metal peace, water, conceptions, birth of child, union and infant stage, it represents the 4th house (lord SHIVA) and cancer sign. It is seen exalted in Taurus.

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Sign cancer is ruled by moon, which is movable (char)
and represent kaph (phlegm) temperament. Its profound connection to water represents our emotions and the innate depths of our subconscious mind. it powerfully affects the female menstruation and the tides on earth. The full moon often naturally includes pregnant woman (with watery womb) to go in labour & give birth. If seen from spirituality point many religious rituals from different religion are done with respect to moon.
Does the moon actually make people crazy? Well, astrologically moon represent (mind).afflicted moon may leads to sufferings negative thinking, depression and psychological problems.

As we know moon travels in each sign in approx. 2.14 half day and one day in nakshtra. Affliction of moon if it sit with malefic or in wrong house and side wise position of mercury is also affected coz mercury represent intelligence &day to behaviour so if it is affected mind is lost in deep fantasy. He astrologer always cheek the affliction with aspect of others planets, conjunctions, house & rashi and also cheek degree of the planet to come to conclusion. In general conjunction like (Saturn +moon) gives depression in a native. Conjunction of (mars+moon) give violent behaviour in a native .All these are seen with respect to above mentioned, dasha, degree, dasha, rashi, house, mahadasha and anterdasha respectively.