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Here all testimonials for all of the satisfied clients from world famous astrologer Dr. Neha Shivgotra

Recommend by someone,and I must say recmondation was 10/10. I m from Canada I talked to that lady Very nice and down to earth and she talk like as if she is counciling. Very accurate information about numerology and astrology. Higly recommend it!.

Mehwish Asim

Mississauga, Ontario
Awesome and 100% Correct prediction till now. In 2016 All the career predictions you made for me for 2018 were absolutely true.

Shuarra Iqbal Hussain Kanchwala

she is an awesome astrologer.....with very good knowledge on astrology....helped me alot in clearing my issues....very down to earth.
She have soung knowledge

Nikita Bhardwaj

Neha Mam predicted my future through my kundali and I must say I was 100% Satisfied.She predicted many things which was very true indeed.One of the most important quality of her is she is very down to earth and resolve all your query. I would definitely recommend her in astrology.

Ankit Anju Agarwal

I was in some problem from past some years but after I visit her she suggest me things which I did and now I am out of the problem Thank you so much mam

Vishav Mahajan

Best astrologer in the whole world ......thanxx for solving my problems ...luv u so much šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜ ...never see a person like u in my whole life ...God may bless u with happiness and success

Tips & Tricks Club

I am really glad to meet Dr Neha Shivgotra thank you so much ma'am for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction..

Vikas Sodi

Im from Germany so its hard to find legit readers. Neha has been a great help. Found her through a live session on our fb group and ever since she has been a great guide. Very friendly and easy to work with. I always get great advice and beat readings that resonate so much with me. Recomend to everyone ā¤

Salma Ahmad

I first contacted Mrs. Neha in the year 2018 through her website when I was looking for some consultation. She is very knowledgeble and has vast information about the planets and their repercussions on your life. I have been in touch with her ever since, she has shown extreme patience and always remained there to extend the helping hand. Not only kundali, Neha mam is also proficient about remedies which can help you to heal the neagtive results you may be getting.
I have met many astrologers and most of them are money minded but Neha Mam is an exception, she focuses more on the result than anything else.
If you want to take astrological consultation then Mrs. Neha is the best person to contact with, she won't disappoint you.

Anubbhav Gupta

astrologer. She rookne care of my all aspects and when I was consulting her she told me whatever she saw and then asked me if I have any questions to ask but believe me everything she already covered which I was thinking to ask her.
I wish all the best to Dr. Neha in her future and also I recommend others people to consult her.

Pankaj Saini

I am from Qatar and recently i reached to Neha personally i have never met though i am fully satisfied with her support over phone or messages. Previously, i never used to believe in horoscope but after meeting Neha and getting things to know from her so accurately related to my past and present, it gave me so much confidence on her. She have consulted in a right approach and direction with her vast experience in astrology. I surely like to recommend her to make people life more better and happy.

Sumit Rai

Firsty Thank you. I really needed guidance of someone so it was really helpul to me. Everything was correct as ma'am told me. I really find good after contacting her. Soo Thank you soo much

Harleen Kour

Love her skills and knowledge it was 100% correct. As I am big fan of stars and astrology. I like her views.
Excellent accurate information by Dr. Neha Shivgotra
110 percent accurate Must try it Guys

Syeda Ramsha

Neha mam''s prediction is 100% satisfactory. She clears every doubt and tells the right direction . I recommend her consultation for everyone . ā¤

Aryan Nitin

I had a wonderful experience in consultation with Dr. Neha Shivgotra. She is just an Awesome personality and an Excellent Astrologer ļæ½.. I am totally satified by her calculations abt me.. May she excel.

Neha VP Sharma

Mam your astrology skills are hatsoff.. Congrats Mam u have started the page finally congratulations again and wish u all d bst Looking forward for more updates and tips from you ļæ½ #True #amazing #astrology You should give it a try guyz.

Triveni Sidha

Neha mam u such a amaze star of world coz u sought out my problem easily just in few days I can't believe is it true bt after listening ur words related to my life i follow it now it is sought out easily after follow ur criteria, after dis i suggest every one who wanna his/her own carrier bright consult neha shivgotra mam, thnku so much mam for giving me advice..Nitin sanotra From Jammu

Nitin Sanotra

Neha shivgotra mam is awesome astrologer , whatever she has told about me that matches almost 99% which is unbelievable. She has studied and practiced astrology with that much perfection that she can predict dates , very accurate . Honestly speaking The best astrolger I have ever met in my life . Neha mam thankyou so so much for helping me .Thankyou so much mujhe pareshaaniyon se baahar nikaalne k liye . God bless you mam .

Vikas Sharma

Was surprised one day Astrologer Dr. Neha Shivgotra horoscope predicted a problem for my Business. I got best suggestion form her. My business going very good.................... Thanks Dr. Neha Ji

Jahaan Tour & Travel

I have had fortune to know her past few days and she was quite good in her consultation of kundali and she could pin point the issue . wishing her best in days to come !!

Amitabh Srivastava

It has been 3yeara now... And I am still Consulting neha ma'am. An amazing person. I don't know whether there is some trick to providing solutions but her way is definately genuine. She would not like one to spend unnecessarily instead heal oneself from positive aura ā¤ļø respect šŸ™

Jaskaran Singh Madaan

I recently took her consultation and I must say she is one the best I have come across. She did very exact predictions and suggested me few things. I have been following her advice and things have started falling in place.

Shivi Pandey

Dr.Neha Shivgotra is your one stop rescue for your life problems as she is well expertised in her profession. She is approachable and provides crisp and clear prediction along with remedies. I highly recommend her and wish her good luck.

Aakanksha Goyal

Iā€™m from Dubai and recently had a phone conversation with Dr. Neha, she was was very professional and friendly in her approach. She addressed all my issues very well and helped me to handle them from a different perspective. She spoke to me for a long time that I felt I like conversing with a friend. I would highly recommend her service for everyone. Her predictions and solutions are very sensible. Thanks you Dr. Neha Shivgotra.

Nirmala Shivasangaran